ImmuneBoost 🍄


We’ve got a full lineup of medicinal mushrooms to boost your immune system!

Mushrooms contain powerful immune-stimulating compounds known as beta-glucans. Research has shown that these beta-glucan molecules “link up” with important immune cells including macrophages, natural killer cells, neutrophils and lymphocytes. This linking up is responsible for stimulating activity of the immune cell.

The best defense against this virus and all viruses is to strengthen your immune system!!! A highly functioning immune system will prevent the virus from taking over, and if infected, will keep symptoms at a minimum and prevent the dangers of serious cases.

Not all mushroom supplements are created equally! It is imperative to chose a product that matches the potency of the supplements used in clinical research studies to ensure that you are obtaining the therapeutic benefits of your mushrooms. Our go to manufacturer is MushroomScience. MushroomScience uses a hot-water extraction method to release the beta-glucan molecules from the indigestible fiber they are surrounded by so that we are able absorb these molecules (if you are currently taking a mushroom supplement that does not use this method, you are most likely not absorbing the medicinal part of these fungi). MushroomScience supplements are research validated. They list guaranteed levels of clinical research-validated active compounds on every label so you can be sure that you are achieving the highest therapeutic results!🍄🦠

Stay heathy our friends!🌿

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