Turmeric 🧡

This super herb stands to be the most popularly studied herb in modern herbalism today! That’s because it is a super potent anti-inflammatory! Chronic inflammation throughout the body has many serious health implications. Of course it can cause pain in our joints, but studies are showing that it can be a major contributing factor for Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and several other disorders.

Curcumin is the clinically studied and effective compound in turmeric that is responsible for a healthy inflammation response throughout the body. @terrynaturally has developed a supplement the delivers the complete power of turmeric and the real curcumin benefits in 1 softgel capsule. They add turmerones (turmeric essential oil) to maximize curcumin absorption.

We carry turmeric (containing 4% curcumin) in our bulk herb section. If you add turmeric to your diet, we recommend that you ingest it with black pepper to help absorb this wonderful herb!